It’s refreshingly easy to sell drinkware.

I was quite confused about alcohol, growing up – the presence of a drinks cabinet full of strangely-shaped glasses that never seemed to get used.

I’ve since learned, of course, that there are many types of alcoholic drinks around and they are often paired with a particular glass, said to enhance the drinking experience. But how much can a glass affect a drink?

It’s not just alcohol, hot, cold, and frozen drink all have individualized glases to enhance the drinker’s experience.

Does a Coke taste better in a glass etched with their logo? You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t think so… unless they preferred Pepsi. Matching the glass to the brand can be a tricky thing, and sets a tone for the drink and drinker. This issue explores the what, how, who, and why.

So if you’re looking to learn more about what your favourite drinkware has to offer, by all means experiment – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But if you’re happy with how your drink tastes already and you don’t care what it comes in so long as it doesn’t leak, that’s fine too. Enjoy.

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• Fits most single brew coffee makers
• Double wall stainless construction with foam insulation
• Threaded top with removable sliding tab
• Hand Wash


Pricing: (5R)

• 18 oz. insulated double wall beer tumbler
• Keeps hands dry and beverages cold
• Great for tailgating, beach time, outdoor activities
• BPA free
• Hand Wash only
• AS Material
• Available with clear, green or brown liner


Pricing: (5R)

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