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SeedBallz – 3 pack

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Sprout Tyme is pleased and honored to offer new SeedBallz®. SeedBallz® are a unique and special success story. Inspired by the teachings of author Masanobu Fukuoka and his approach to natural farming, a special blend of red clay, rich humus and a whole package of flower seeds were used to create SeedBallz®.

A partnership was then formed with people with developmental disabilities to hand-roll this unique garden product in the U.S.A. The result of these shared efforts is a new way to grow clusters of flowers and herbs while creating meaningful, therapeutic work for valuable members of our community.

SeedBallz® are perfect for outdoor patio pots and garden beds. Plant in memory and honor to celebrate life and survivorship.

Choose from the following varieties: Hummingbird/Butterfly Mix, Forget-Me-Not, Edible Flower Mix, Seeds of Hope Mix, Basil or Cilantro. The Seeds of Hope Mix produces clusters of pink flowers.




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